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Westminster Driving School LLC, offers teens professional and outstanding instruction. Our mission is to transform each student into a competent driver, able to drive safely to his or her destination.
543 Burnett Road
VT, 05346
Phone: 802-387-4014
Westminster Driving School LLC
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Westminster Driving School LLC, has been established in Vermont in 2005. Throughout these years we have helped teens to drive collision free by imparting to them safety driving techniques. Developing in each student the right attitude to respect rules and to drive safely is our priority.

Driving in a responsible way is very important as to avoid unnecessary accidents which sometimes can be fatal. By our advanced curriculum we can develop each of our students’ driving ability and help them overcome their driving difficulties. We aim to provide outstanding classroom instruction. The duration of classroom instruction is of thirty-two hours while driving instruction is of six hours. We are highly dedicated and committed to impart the right driving techniques and thus students can join our personalized driving training program.

We also invite our students’ parents to join us for the ride. We highly appreciate parents’ sustainment and support. Our instructors are all trained and qualified and are able to impart driving skills and knowledge in the most efficient manner. By our driving programs we are proud to exceed our state’s standards.

Westminster Driving School LLC  We are not a "certificate mill". We care that your child becomes a safe driver.