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For people who have been issued a traffic citation and want to take the course from home. This course will help drivers get back on the road while relearning road rules.
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South Dakota Defensive Driving
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This course is designed for those drivers who have been issued a citation for motor vehicle violations. By enrolling in this class, you can study the course materials from the convenience of home at your own pace. This means learning at your own speed and pace. There is no time table for completing the course.

The course is user-friendly and offers the information needs for each student. Most insurance companies accept the course completion to receive additional auto insurance discounts. We suggest suggests that students contact their insurance agent first to confirm they will accept the on-line course as a condition of obtaining discounts first.

When it becomes test time, students can review the materials before taking the exam. If the person fails the exam, they can retake the test at no additional charge. Once the course is successfully completed, the certificate may be issued that day. The document may be shown to the court proving completion of a traffic course. A live-chat option is available for students.
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