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The Southern Oregon Driver Education School is dedicated to providing new drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely navigate the roadways. Professional driving instruction is vital to new drivers.
1982 Magnolia Ave
OR, 97501
Phone: 541-499-0132
Southern Oregon Driver Educati
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Getting behind the wheel of a car and driving is akin to taking your life into your own hands, as well as the lives of many others. The Southern Oregon Driver Education School focuses on teaching new drivers the right kind of skills and driving behaviors to allow them to drive as safely as possible. Young new drivers are instructed in the licensing requirements of the Department of Transportation, including learning the state laws and regulations for navigating the highways safely and legally.

Fundamental driving skills are imparted to driving students as they take on the responsibilities of driving a vehicle on the public roadways. Your teenage driver will learn the basics of maneuvering an automobile, and important defensive driving techniques to help keep them safe from accidents.

Small classes and focused training help teach new drivers everything they need to know about driving, without the stress on your parent/child relationship that comes from trying to teach them yourselves. Send your new young driver to the Southern Oregon Driver Education School.

Southern Oregon Driver Educati  Southern Oregon Driver Education, Inc. (SODE) is dedicated to teaching a lifetime of safe driving skills.