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Let the professional instructors of the Dean Pade Driving School help ensure that your teenage son or daughter has the right driving training to keep them safe on our highways.
15982 SW Linger Drive
OR, 97140
Phone: 503-332-1564
Dean Pade Driving School
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Parents can find themselves under a great deal pressure when their teenager is of an age to begin driving. The Dean Pade Driving School can help make this situation a little less worrisome by providing professional driving instruction to your teen son or daughter. With the ever increasing amount of traffic on our roadways, and the fears involved in sending your child out to drive the highways by themselves, it is extremely important for your new driver to have great training and skills.

Times are a little different from when teens learned to drive from their mom or dad on a back country road. The rules of the road have changed, technology has advanced considerably, and a professional driving instructor can help make sure that a new driver has the necessary tools to navigate the roadways safely. Defensive driving training is important, as is understanding how to maneuver a vehicle in difficult weather conditions.

Let the driving pros of Dean Pade Driving School teach your teen how to drive today!

Dean Pade Driving School  Dean Pade Driving School assists the future drivers of Washington and Clackamus Counties become the very best drivers they can be.