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Krueger Driving Academy driving programs are suitable for every person. Teens and adults can join us to take their driving test and experienced drivers can enrol too as to brush up their defensive driving techniques.
4930 15th Ave Street
ND, 58103
Phone: 701-367-8955
Krueger Driving Academy
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Krueger Driving Academy is a renowned driving school in Fargo area. We have been operating for more than eight years and have helped numerous students obtain their driving license. Now they are enjoying their independence and are happy driving to their desired destinations.

Our first priority is to help students learn how to drive in a safe manner. Knowing how to take quick and safe decisions is highly required on today’s roads. Instilling in our students the right attitude to help them drive competently and responsibly is our other aim. Thus we only employ certified instructors as we want to deliver outstanding driving instruction.

Our instructors will help you to understand traffic rules and will enhance you with techniques for safe driving. They are highly trained to help you overcome all your driving difficulties and to instil in you the needed confidence to drive on your own. All our driving courses are offered at affordable prices. We welcome you to contact us as to help you answer all your queries.

Krueger Driving Academy  We provides expert driving instruction for teenagers and adults at competitive rates.