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A F M Driver Training School provide a comprehensive and outstanding driving curriculum. By our instruction and driving training our students would be able to drive safely on today’s roads.
1216 8th St N
ND, 58102
Phone: 701-232-5798
A F M Driver Training
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A F M Driver Training School’s mission is to help students learn the rules of the road in a professional and outstanding way. Helping our students develop the right attitude of safe driving is our commitment. Building in our students the needed confidence to be able to drive competently is our aim. Thus our students’ driving experience would be less stressful, safer and collision free.

We only provide trained and certified instructors. Delivering excellent instruction is our goal and our instructors are highly trained to be able to do so. They are committed to educate tomorrow’s drivers in a professional manner. Providing you with exceptional customer service is our joy.

As we understand how tight your schedule can be, we have organized three sessions of classroom driver training programs. Students can join our morning, afternoon or evenings sessions. We work hard to make your lessons enjoyable and fun and yet we aim to help all our students learn about the right defensive driving techniques and to overcome their driving difficulties.

A F M Driver Training  Our mission is to provide professional, competent instruction to each student.