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Jordan Driving School provides High School Driver Education only. We do no private instruction. We are contracted to teach the Driver Education Program that is provided by the State – there is no charge to the student.
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Jordan Driving School
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Students must be currently enrolled in public, private or Home School to be eligible for our program. 
This program is offered to students who have not previously taken Driver Education class in North Carolina. Students must be between the ages of 14 and ½ and 18 to be eligible for this program. 

Jordan Driving School provides both the classroom phase and the behind the wheel phase of the Driver Education Program as required by the State of North Carolina prior to a 15 year old getting their Learners Permit. Classes are available after school hours at the high schools in the counties were we are contracted. There are also additional class times available in some counties.
Jordan Driving School is the driver education contractor for Wake County. Driver Education is offered FREE OF CHARGE ONE TIME to each eligible student residing or attending school within Wake County. If you fail the class you may not take it with Jordan Driving School again.

-------------- Who is Eligible and How it Works --------------
Students are eligible if they attend public, private or Home School and have NEVER taken Driver Education in North Carolina before. The student must either attend school in Wake County or live in Wake County. Students must be between 14 ½ to 18 years of age. Wake County students who attend Middle School, private school, charter school or home school who are age eligible may sign up for an after school class at the high school of their choice IF their schedule permits that they arrive on time each day. These students may also register for any of the ”additional classes” for which they are available and qualify to attend.
The program is administered by the Wake County Public School System. A lead teacher is assigned at each of the WCPSS high schools to over see the program at that specific school. The Lead Teacher sets up the classroom schedules, assigns students to class and assigns students to a Behind The Wheel Instructor after they successfully complete the class. The Lead Teacher will know which class is currently receiving their Behind The Wheel.
Except when noted, students may attend any of the classes we have scheduled - depending upon space availability. Some of the private school classes are not open to students outside of their school. Since the State law requires 30 hours of class be attended, you must be able to get to the class on time. Please do not register for a class if you cannot attend every day and arrive on time.
We hope you have a pleasant and useful driver education experience.

Jordan Driving School  We are contracted to teach High School Driver Education program that is provided by the State. There is no charge to the student.