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LTD Driving School offers quality and professional driving instruction. A great teacher makes all the difference in how well a young person is prepared to face the hazards of driving.
1565 North Solano
Suite B
Las Cruces
NM, 88001
Phone: 505-525-2328
LTD Driving School
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It’s time for your son or daughter to get behind the wheel of a car- and you’re nervous. The professional driving instructors of LTD Driving School will help your child prepare for this momentous occasion, imparting to them the knowledge and skills necessary to safely navigate the roads and highways of New Mexico and beyond.

This reputable driving school provides extensive training for new young drivers, ensuring that they are able to meet the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license in the state of New Mexico. Upon completion of their driver education course they will be fully cognizant of the safety laws and motor vehicle regulations by which they must abide. They will also have been given professional training in the operation of a car, and had one on one road and closed course driving experience with their highly qualified professional driving instructor.

At LTD Driving Schools of Las Cruces and Anthony, young drivers will receive excellent training that will become a foundation for safe driving abilities throughout their lives.

LTD Driving School  LTD Driving School offers quality and professional driving instruction.