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Alpha Driving School helps students succeed in obtaining their driving license. By imparting the right defensive driving techniques, we train students to be smart and safe drivers for a lifetime.
603 First Avenue 202 North
Suite 2B
NJ, 08869
Phone: 908-526-7800
Alpha Driving School
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Alpha Driving School, offers instruction to both teens and adults. We also offer courses for those students who wish to brush up their driving skills. Our aim is to provide students with an enriching and positive learning experience. We are committed to help students obtain the right driving knowledge and skills. By so doing we would develop in our students the right driving attitudes for safe and responsible driving.

Our instructors are all qualified and very professional in their work. They make students feel at ease so that they would be able to understand better. They are dedicated to help students gain confidence, by imparting the latest in defensive driving techniques. Our instructors make students aware of the risks they can get into by driving unsafely and show them the right manoeuvres to opt for when they find themselves in difficult situations.

Apart from teaching student the basics, we also focus on helping students how to drive in extreme weather conditions, night driving and freeway driving. Our commitment and dedication have turned us into one of the most leading driving schools in New Jersey. We also offer the best driving rates.

Alpha Driving School  Alpha Driving School services Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Mercer, Middlesex Counties in New Jersey.