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Advantage Driving School’s mission is to educate students how to drive safely and responsibly and to impart the latest defensive driving techniques, so that we would have good drivers and safer roads.
121 East Broad Street
NJ, 08065
Phone: 856-829-2880
Advantage Driving School
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Join one of the most reputable driving schools in South Jersey. Advantage Driving School is one of the most leading driving schools students can enrol to. It was established by Mike Jamison and Scott Santos. Our driving lessons are designed to help students overcome their driving difficulties and to empower them to be smart and able drivers. Our instructors are able to individualize our students’ driving needs and are able to deliver instruction according to our students’ pace.

Our instructors are all very helpful, and patient. They do their utmost to encourage students so that they would start feeling confident and to start enjoying driving. By our outstanding instruction, students would be able to obtain their driving license in a very short period of time. By imparting the right defensive driving techniques, students feel more knowledgeable to drive confidently and safely. Students learn about the right manoeuvres to perform so that they would be highly prepared for their test.

We offer basic courses, intermediate courses, advanced courses and review courses. Please contact us, and we would be glad to give you further and more detailed information about our courses.

Advantage Driving School  Advantage Driving School is one of the best driving instruction schools in South Jersey.