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Join one of the most leading driving schools in New Hampshire. B-Safe Driving School helps both teens and adults gain the needed experience behind-the-wheel to be able to drive safely and confidently.
10 Pierce St
NH, 03878
Phone: 603-617-3777
B-Safe Driving School
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B-Safe driving school offers varied driving courses. Students who wish to enroll to our school, are urged to register early. To be able to enroll, students must be sixteen years old. Adult students can contact us to join our private in-car lessons. We offer a courteous service and do pick up students from their preferred location. Hourly rates are very competitive and highly affordable.

Our programs include thirty hours of classroom instruction, ten hours of in-car instruction and six hours of in-car observation. All our programs are approved by the state of New Hampshire. Our instructors are all committed and dedicated to offer outstanding driving training. They are all respectful, patient and friendly and do their utmost to help students learn how to drive safely and confidently.

We strive to transform our students into smart and responsible drivers so that our roads would be safer. We are committed to establish a good rapport with teens’ parents and to highly involve them in the learning program of their teens. We do keep records of our students’ progress and we deliver instruction according to their learning styles and requirements.

B-Safe Driving School  We at B-Safe Driving School would like to introduce you to our driving school at Somersworth High School