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Harry's Driving School has been in the driver education business since the mid 1940's.
The GOAL of the school has always been to Improve The Quality of The Drivers on The Road.
Our MISSION is to make the driving community aware of the RISKS involved in driving and to give it the tools necessary to avoid the traffic situations that might cause collisions.
East Broadway
NH, 03038
Phone: (603) 432-3583
Harry`s Driving School
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Harry's Driving School, a licensed commercial motor vehicle driving school, is running a First Offence Driver Improvement Program. It is a six hour course to be offered 1 Saturday a month. The First Offence D. I. P. functions as a point reduction course for motor vehicle offenders. This course may be taken for point reduction (3 three points off your driving record).

The State of New Hampshire requires the driver education course to consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction, and 16 hours of on road instruction, (10 hours of behind the wheel and 6 hours of observing another student driver). In addition to the instruction, the state requires 20 hours of Logged practice with a parent.
Harry's Teen driver classes meet Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
The behind-the-wheel driving is done during the day. If the student is a Pinkerton student, the driving is done during a study or a lunch-study. If the student is a Londonderry student, the driving is done right after school. They are picked up at the Leach Library and we try to drop the student off at home after the driver lesson. If the student is from another High School, they must be in Derry no later than 3:00PM at least one day a week and on at least two occasions twice a week. Home-schooled students are scheduled on the availability of time.
To register for Harry's Driving School you must turn 16 by the last day of the class, see Class Schedule.
To register, you need to send in a photocopy of the students birth certificate, a non refundable deposit, a letter with the parents return address, a phone number, the school that the student attends, and the class that the student would like to attend.
Teen Driver Ed program at Harry's Driving School is an eight-week course and it meets Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
The cost of the driving course is $650.00 which includes a $200.00 non refundable deposit. The balance of $450.00 is due on the first day of class.
Budgeting is allowed as long as the student pays a minimum of $55.00 per week.

Harry`s Driving School  Our licensed commercial motor vehicle driving school is running a First Offence Driver Improvement Program.