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Mr. H Driving School is committed to provide students with an outstanding driving education program. Our program is aimed to instill in our students safe and responsible driving practices.
6 Tracy Drive
NH, 03038
Phone: 603-434-3050
Mr. H’s Driving School
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If you are feeling discouraged to learn how to drive, the instructors at Mr. H’s Driving School will do their utmost to help you master this important skill. All our instructors are highly qualified, trained and able to help you drive safely and competently. Our instructors are all friendly and patient. These are two essential skills to help you learn how to drive in a relaxing atmosphere and this would surely help you to ease your nervousness while behind the wheel. Different learning styles need different teaching approaches.

Our instructors are aware of this and they adapt instruction according to the learning needs of our students. By enrolling to our school, you would make the right decision as we strive hard to help you obtain your driver’s license. We offer students classroom and behind the wheel instruction. We provide students with a variety of driving experiences like driving in the city, in highways and in rural places.

We do our utmost to provide students with an enriching and interactive driving curriculum so that students would get more motivated to learn. From time to time, we invite guest speakers to inform students about various driving aspects like the judicial system and law enforcement.

Mr. H’s Driving School  Mr. H’s Driving School is an innovative business focused on developing the new driver’s attitude to be safe and responsible behind the wheel.