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Do you wish to learn how to drive but feel anxious and nervous when behind the wheel? Let Drive Friendly Driving School assist you and support you to overcome your anxieties and help you be a smart driver.
3016 Yeoman Circle
Las Vegas
NV, 89128
Phone: 702-243-3964
Drive Friendly Driving School
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Drive Friendly Driving School is owned by John Phillips. His vast experience in teaching students how to drive has helped him to create excellent driving courses. Our school offers a variety of driving courses aimed to help teens, adults and senior citizens learn how to drive safely and confidently.

We provide Teen Driver Education, Defensive Driving Course, and Medical Evaluation. We boast to be one of the most leading driving schools in the state of Nevada. Our success is due to our outstanding driving programs, commitment and dedication. Our successful driving programs have helped numerous students to obtain their driving license.

Our seasoned driving instructors are highly knowledgeable to pass on to our students the needed driving techniques to make them able to drive independently on their own in a safe manner. Our mission is to help students drive safely as to avoid unnecessary driving accidents. We teach them the right defensive driving techniques to make them able to choose the right manoeuvres in the nick of time.

Drive Friendly Driving School  Thank you for inquiring about our Driver Education Program for Teens to Seniors.