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All-Metro Driving school’s mission is to teach students of all ages safe driving skills. In this way we can help keep our roads safe. Helping students to be responsible while driving will make them gain safe lifelong skills.
P.O. Box 491
NE, 68028
Phone: 402-978-3389
All-Metro Driving School
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All-Metro Driving School is a renowned driving school in Nebraska.  Many students have joined our school for their driving instruction as our mission is to teach the proper, safe driving skills to our students.  By doing so, we empower our students to feel confident while driving.

Driving is an essential skill to be learned so that you can gain freedom and you can start enjoy new experiences.  Our instructors instil the right driving skills in our students.  They make their lessons enjoyable and yet highly educative.  They endow students with essential driving skills and to equip them with the right knowledge how to drive in traffic situations or extreme weather conditions.

One of our aims is to develop in our young students a sense of responsibility and to make them aware of the consequences if they neglect driving in a safe manner.   Our lessons include classroom instruction and behind the wheel driving.  We teach our students the right driving techniques, traffic laws, defensive driving, how to drive on highways, driver performance test II and we also teach students about auto maintenance.
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