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The mission of Cornhusker Driving School as one of Omaha's most innovative driving schools is to ensure driving excellence while meeting the unique needs of all learners. All students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be a safe and responsible driver.
3534 So 108th Street
NE, 68144
Phone: 402-341-4555, 402-333-3535
Cornhusker Driving School, Oma
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This course consists of 20 hours of classroom time, 3-5 hours of driving (depending on experience), and a Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles approved drive test. This class completes all the State of Nebraska requirements effective January 1, 1999 for students 14-17 years of age. This course also satisfies most insurance company requirements for driver education (parents will want to check their specific insurance company's requirements for discount availability). After completing this course a student will be able to obtain their Provisional Operators Permit (POP). A Drive Test Waiver Form and Certificate for Insurance are received upon completion of this course. Students are required to complete all class hours and driving hours before they can receive their certificates.
Having successfully completed driving course, students will demonstrate competency in understanding the principles of safe driving relating specifically to the following: defensive driving, traffic signals, traffic signs, pavement markings, right of way, lane changing, lane turning, passing, parking, railroad crossings, interstate driving, city and downtown driving, effects of alcohol and other drugs, reverse lanes, licensing, insurance and additional relevant driver information.

This course is geared towards students 14-24 years of age who would like driver education and insurance discounts for driver education. The class consists of 6 hours of driving and independent study homework equivalent to 20 hours of classroom. This course does not satisfy the Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for a Provisional Operators Permit (POP). It only satisfies insurance requirements based on individual policy benefits (parents will want to check their specific insurance companies requirements for discount availability). A student will have to complete a 50 hour drive log provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles to satisfy the State of Nebraska's driver education requirements.


Cornhusker Driving School, Oma  Our program helps promote safe driving principles that will help make today's student drivers the accomplished drivers of tomorrow.