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The auto driving school's main goal is to train people in knowing cars, driving safely, acting on the road and handling an emergency situations. Classes and driving lessons have held by professional licensed instructors and we are certain you will acquire all necessary skills to become a very good and attentive driver.
59 Pond st Suite B
MA, 02067
Phone: 781 784 7717
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  Sharon Driving School is owned and operated by Gilli and Aleksandr Lavrishin. School was open its doors in October 2003 after the success of Newton Driving School opened up in 2000.
Thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility to teach you how to drive. Our instructors have a great total of teaching experience and are all accurately aware of the excellent qualities that compromise a competent driver.
  All our courses are accredited and licensed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, our cars are dual controlled and air-conditioned, all of our driving and classroom session instructors are Professional and Certified by the Registry of Motor vehicle.
  We offer a complete course of driving skills, to all educational needs. We hope our programs will be an enjoyable experience, setting the proper foundation for our student's lifetime driving habits.