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Let University Driving School assist you to learn a new essential skill. We are committed to help teens and adults learn how to drive safely. All our driving programs are affordable to anyone’s budget.
161 Grove Street
MA, 01020
Phone: 413-592-3500
University Driving School
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Learning how to drive is an overwhelming experience for many. By joining University Driving School your driving learning experience in going to be surely an enjoyable one. Our qualified and trained instructors do their best to make you feel relaxed and less tense so that you will master all the defensive driving techniques necessary to help you feel confident when behind the wheel.

All our staff is courteous and helpful and we are ready to help you select the right type of driving program suitable for you driving needs. Students can enrol to our 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of observation instruction, 12 hours of behind the wheel training, and 40 hours of driving under parental supervision.

Parents are welcomed to join a 2 hours class. By our driving programs we help drivers to drive in heavy traffic and in highways. We also cater our driving lessons to immigrants and non-English speakers. Drivers who wish to brush up their driving skills are also welcomed to join us. We are sure able to help them gain that needed confidence to start driving their vehicle on the road once again.

University Driving School  We are a very professional affordable school that is a Massachusetts state certified facility.