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Join Billerica Auto School today and learn how to drive safely. We will help you commit yourself to obtain your needed driving license. Enrol today and benefit from special discounts.
265 Boston Road
North Billerica
MA, 01862
Phone: 978-663-7483
Billerica Auto School
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Billerica Auto School is the best choice students can make to be able to learn how to drive safely and competently. We are a very renowned driving school in North Billerica, MA. We boast of our successful pass rate. Throughout all the years that we have been operating we have helped numerous students to master this essential skill. Be like all these students and start training to obtain your driving license.

Our driving curriculum is rich and detailed and it is designed to help students of all ages learn this essential skill in the best manner. Our driving programs include two hours parents’ class, thirty hour of classroom instruction, six hours of observation, and twelve hours of driving training. Students can also join our private instruction.

We try our best to offer our students outstanding customer service. Therefore as we understand how busy you can be to be able to fit in driving lessons in your schedule, we are offering our students pick up and drop off service. Students will practice driving on model new cars. Please do contact us today for further details.

Billerica Auto School  Billerica Auto School is a driving educational facility, located in the North Billerica, MA area.