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Leasures’ Driving School is committed to offer to our students a non-threatening environment so that they would enjoy learning this new essential skill in a safe and friendly manner.
832 South Potomac Street
MD, 21740
Phone: 301-582-2368
Leasure’s Driving School
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Bernard D. Leasure is the founder of our driving school. He began instructing students how to drive back in 1961. He is dedicated, and committed to provide students with all the needed knowledge and practice to be able to operate their vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. His constant commitment made our schools’ reputation flourish. Numerous students have joined our school and now they are enjoying driving in a safe manner.

Our quality education distinguishes us from the rest and all our students have managed to successfully pass their driving exam and have obtained their needed driving license. As we highly treasure all our students’ lives, our mission is to pass safe driving skills. As students are really important to us, we only employ fully qualified and trained instructors.

We boast of our seasoned instructors who are all professional and trained to pass on the right driving knowledge to our esteemed students. We do our utmost to instil in our students’ the needed defensive driving techniques to be able to drive competently and confidently in traffic situations. For more detailed information, do please contact us at our office.

Leasure’s Driving School  We offer comprehensive programs for all your driver education and traffic safety needs!