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Services provided by Atchison Driving School (Northeast Kansas Driving School), include:
- Drivers Education, as approved by the Kansas State Department of Education, for Both Teens and Adults
- Driver Improvement Program for Bus Drivers, Traffic Offenders, and Adults
103 S Fifth
KS, 66002
Phone: (913)367-4005
Atchison Driving School
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Help your teen become a better, safer, and more aware driver. The process of learning how to drive begins in the early stages of your teens education which is most often developed by the parents/guardians.
With this course, students can study at home at their own pace and parents can supervise their work and help the student study for the final exam.

Beginning Driver:

Students will meet in the clasroom for 8 hours and complete four units of study.
Each student will be required to complete six sessions of behind-the-wheel instruction.
Students can choose convenient times to drive.
Students will be picked up at designated areas and returned to their homes or other prior arranged locations.

Driving Expectations:
Driving evaluation will be given during the sixth hour of driving. If a student cannot satisfy the requirement or perform a task without the instructors prompt, the instructor may require more practice with the parents/adult before the final will be given again.
Practice with parents/adults. 

Driver Improvement Program - Bus Drivers
Class Schedule for DIP Training for School Bus Drivers:
A minimum of 4 attendees and preregistration required by calling or emailing.
Classes can be scheduled and held on site as needed by individual organizations. Call to make arrangements. (Minimum of 10 attendees).

Atchison Driving School  Our goal is to help develop safe and responsible drivers who use strong, defensive driving skills.