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The Balda Driving School in the heart of Peoria is committed to making better drivers out of every student. Professional driver education is provided by licensed and certified driver training instructors.
3535 N. California Ave.
Ste. D
IL, 61603
Phone: 309-688-5631
Balda Driving School
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One of the most important life skills is the ability to safely drive a car, and this skill is what the Balda Driving School is dedicated to teaching. This outstanding driver education facility is fully certified and licensed by the state of Illinois, and qualified to provide competent driver training.

The curriculum is focused foremost upon basic driving techniques for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. In addition to intensive classroom instruction, students are given thorough behind the wheel training. Instruction includes defensive driving techniques and proper procedures for handling adverse weather conditions and emergency driving situations. New young drivers graduate with the necessary knowledge and skills for obtaining their driver’s license. Adults are also welcome at the Balda Driving School.

Personalized instructional courses can be devised for adults who need to reinstate or renew a driver license. Contact the Balda Driving School today to arrange your professional driver educational training with the finest and most reputable driving instructors in Illinois! Your safety greatly depends upon your driving skills.

Balda Driving School  Our Teen Driver's Education Program is certified and approved by the Illinois Secretary of State!