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Parents want their new teenage drivers to have the best possible training before they are released onto the highways. Alert Driving Academy provides the finest in professional safe driver education.
2247 Anderson Drive
IL, 61008
Phone: 815-544-6232
Alert Driving Academy, Inc.
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Teaching someone how to drive can be a stressful and frustrating experience for both a parent and the teen. Fortunately, professional driver education instruction is available with the highly trained expert driving instructors of the Alert Driving Academy of Belvidere, IL.

This outstanding reputable driver instruction facility is fully licensed, bonded and insured and certified by the State of Illinois. Students are given extensive classroom instruction regarding laws and requirements of safe and legal motor vehicle operations, and thorough behind the wheel demonstration and training for superlative results.

Students are given in depth education in not only the basic techniques of vehicle operations, but also safety skills and defensive driving techniques. Students receive training in handling emergency situations and how to drive in high traffic or bad weather conditions. Bring your new teen driver to the Alert Driving Academy for thorough, proper driver education training. Students who graduate from this curriculum will have the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain an Illinois driver’s license and to drive a car safely.

Alert Driving Academy, Inc.  Alert Driving Academy provides the finest in professional safe driver education.