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At MasterDrive you will learn how to drive with confidence as we teach critical driving techniques such as crash avoidance and skid recovery management. Unlike other driving schools, we believe in teaching more than just the basics needed to get a permit.
3280 E. Woodmen Rd
Suite 100
Colorado Springs
MA, 80920
Phone: 719-260-0999
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In 1986, Ronn Langford’s teenage daughter Dorri was killed in a car accident. The car she was riding in was hit by a teen driver who ran a red light, was speeding and his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. Ron decided to try to decrease the number of teens dying in car crashes and he developed the MasterDrive program. The program is designed to prepare teenage drivers to respond to crisis situations and dangerous conditions resulting in less teen drivers dying behind the wheel.

Ronn is the president and founder of this driver education and training school. It’s much deeper and more intense than traditional driving courses as psychomotor and mental programming skills are taught resulting in aware, safety conscious and well trained drivers.
In our training courses you will learn how to develop the skills necessary to prepare you for anything on the road; from driving in inclement weather to avoiding other erratic drivers.

We have a program for everyone; we work with teenagers, senior citizens, corporate fleet drivers, teens with functional issues and those with other debilitation conditions. Our training programs include: four hour driver awareness, teen driver survival, corporate fleet training, programs designed for traffic court and kids with special needs. Learn how to drive with us and learn skills they don’t teach you in regular driving courses.

We are serving:Cascade, Green Mountain Falls,Manitou Springs,Monument,Palmer Lake,Peyton,Woodland Park
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