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At Peak Drivers Ed, you will find everything you are looking for in a driving school and more. Family owned and operated, all of our instructors are certified by the state of Colorado and they undergo additional intense training with us. They are true, experienced, professionals who will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. 
9719 W. Coal Mine Ave.
Unit #H
CO, 80123
Phone: 303-948-1971
Peak Drivers Ed
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Call us today, enroll in a class and don’t pay us until the day you start your class. New classes start every other Monday and we are open year round.Our prices are lower than other local driving companies and we provide the quality courses you need to get yourself on the road to success. We offer the following courses: full thirty hour classroom program which includes six hours of behind the wheel training and state permit test, court ordered classes for levels one through four, we are also approved for Golden Courts, and online courses that include six hours of behind the wheel training and a permit test. Behind the wheel training consists of: driving in downtown Denver, merging on the highway and mountain driving. We also have night driving available.

Many people can save money on insurance costs when they enroll and pass driving courses. Sign up today at Peak Drivers Ed and get headed in the right direction. We have newer cars in both stick shift and automatic models available. If you are a teenager you have to be fifteen years old to get a permit but you can take the test required for the permit if it is within thirty days of your fifteenth birthday. The certificate will remain valid for thirty days.

Feel free to call us anytime regarding questions on courses, hours, state requirements, or any additional information you may want to know. We offer a friendly, warm atmosphere as we want all students to feel comfortable and relaxed. Call us today to get registered for the next class.
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