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The Anchor Point Driving School has provided exemplary driver education for new young drivers in the lower Kenai area since 1988. Receive professional driver training from a reputable and experienced teacher.
3430 Kachemak Cir.
AK, 99515
Phone: 907-243-2827
Anchor Point Driving School
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A new young driver needs every advantage to keep safe on the roads and highways of Alaska. The Anchor Point Driving School provides thorough and intensive professional driving instruction and training for both Anchor Point and Anchorage areas.

Students that receive training through this well known family run driving program are given excellent driver education regarding all of the rules and regulations of motor vehicle operations in our state, and also are given extensive behind the wheel training. Additional training is provided that focuses upon safe winter driving, instilling the knowledge and skills to help safely maneuver on icy roadways.

 The Anchor Point Driving School is licensed to offer the state certified and DMV recognized driver licensing exam. This test must be administered in your car, which must be able to pass inspection for lights and horn. Since 1988 the professional instructors of the Anchor Point Driving School have taught hundreds of new young drivers the skills and knowledge needed to drive a car and helped them obtain their Alaska driver’s license.

Anchor Point Driving School  Serving Alaska in Anchor Point and Anchorage Family owned and operated since 1988.