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Family is our focus at Alabama Driving School, as we believe our family owned business can help anyone in your family obtain their driving goals. With a variety of classes designed to suit everyone’s needs, we provide exceptional training and can help you get your license faster than other driving schools. A pick-up and drop off service is also available.
5716 Parkside Road
AL, 35244
Phone: 205-533-7477
Alabama Driving School
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At Alabama Driving School we understand that different people have different needs. We strive to create an environment where students can learn effectively and we offer many different options for driving classes. We have programs for: teens, adults, senior citizens and single classes.  Our courses include on-road safety, basic driving, freeway driving, on-road tests and driving techniques. Many times students are ready to obtain their license after only three classes. Moms and dads can rest assured that teens will receive the instruction necessary to turn their children into safe, responsible drivers.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, courteous and understand challenges that different drivers face. Our one-on-one instruction ensures each student gets the driving education they need and deserve. Safety is essential as there are many drivers on the road today who have not received quality training. We are proud of the many drivers we have safely trained over the years who are on the road today. In addition to quality courses we also offer budget prices and supply the training vehicle.  We look forward to turning you into a confident driver.

  Serving the Surrounding Cities: Vestavia Hills, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Helena and Birmingham.
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