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The Premiere Driving Academy in Mobile, Alabama, proudly offers the highest standards of excellence in professional driver education. This school offers outstanding truck driver training and reliable job placement services.
7601 Theodore Dawes Road
AL, 36582
Phone: 877-653-5235
Premiere Driving Academy
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There is one job in our country that is always hiring, and this school will teach you how to perform this job. Premiere Driving Academy offers professional truck driver education with highly qualified teachers. This outstanding truck driving school in Mobile, Alabama, provides an exemplary service for individuals seeking a dependable career in the truck driving industry.

Truck driving students receive intensive classroom instruction and CDL manual training for the written examination. This school offers a six acre training field, and thorough road driving instruction in all types of weather and traffic conditions, along with the skills to masterfully handle straight line and alley docking. During your course of training at Premiere Driving Academy, recruiters from the top trucking companies will come to present job offers to qualified students, and the school provides lifetime job placement services.

Premiere Driving Academy also offers car driver education and safety training for new drivers testing for their first driver’s license. This school is your premiere destination for quality professional driver education and training.

Premiere Driving Academy  PDA trains students to pass endorsement exams in any state and arranges road tests for students residing in Alabama, Florida & Mississippi.